Focus Care Offers
Two Types of Turn-Key Annual Wellness Services

Stand-alone AWV Patient
Assessment Tool (SAAS MODEL)

The Focus Care Stand-alone Patient Assessment Tool allows your patients to complete Annual Wellness questions on a tablet while they are in the waiting room to see their Doctor. It turns your waiting room into a revenue room.

AWV Patient Assessment Tool +
Member Engagement

Member Engagement package takes the burden off office’s patient outreach. Focus Care proven
strategies drives more patients into the
doctor office to complete their AWV.

Benefits For Your Office

New Source Of
  • The average annual primary care revenue for practices that adopted the AWV consistently had a greater revenue than practices that did not conduct the visit
Improve Patient
  • Increases patient engagement
  • Proactively identifies potential health risks before they become issues to ensure optimal health
  • Promotes health and focuses on early disease prevention
Build Care Plans From
Our AWV For
  • Subsequent Visits
  • Chronic Care Management

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